Delivery Safety Program

How safe is food delivery?

Based on this article from BBC, this one and confirmed by many others.

  • Delivery is less risky than a trip to a supermarket as you will avoid other shoppers but you should keep distance with deliveryman.

  • The risk is possible contamination of the surface of any food or package.

  • To remove any fear of the virus being on surfaces, Dr James Gill, of Warwick Medical School, advises: “Wiping over surfaces with simple diluted household bleach will inactivate the virus within one minute.”

  • There is no evidence of Covid-19 being transmitted through food, and thorough cooking will kill the virus.

  • As with many viruses, a sustained temperature of 70°C or higher should kill the coronavirus. Most standard cooking methods, like sautéing over medium heat, will get you to this temperature, and even a slow-cooker on a low-heat setting brings food to 100°C by the time it’s finished cooking.

What is our simple program to make delivery safe?

We want here to suppose the worst case scenario and still can be safe from any virus transmission. So we will suppose that the food package, the food and even the deliveryman has coronavirus and these are the steps to make it safe.

  1. The delivery man should be wearing clean gloves and face mask.

  2. The delivery man should leave the food and a small brochure made by Remood containing a simple steps to handle the delivered food safely.

  3. The delivery man will ask you to read the brochure (very simple) and give you about 30 seconds to go through it before you pay him (in case of visa he will ask you to read it before going in with the packages)

  4. We launched a group on Facebook for restaurants to post daily posts about their sanitization and cleaning processes in their kitchens.You can join this group to check out which restaurants are more safe. Click here to open the group.

The picture of the safety instructions brochure that is delivered with food


List of subscribed restaurants arranged alphabetically

  • Andrea Group
  • Antwerp Chicken
  • Cave Gaming Café
  • Chicken Hub
  • El Sultan Ayoub
  • India Gate Restaurant
  • Konafa Habeba
  • Mawlana
  • Square Burger