About us


Our mission is to connect people who look for new experiences with other people, companies and places that provide these experiences. Our influencers and reviewers are eager to pass through these experiences to give an honest informative recommendation to our followers. We strive to help businesses that provide real and valuable services to customers to grow and succeed. Either through our channels or through managing businesses channels we build the brand awareness, increase customers’ interest and boost its sales.


Our vision is to use the power of social media, along with the artificial intelligence and new technologies to create community that connect people who share their experience with those who are looking for new things to do while helping businesses that give good value for customers grow by using our platforms.

our Values

Our values are the guiding principles upon which Remood was founded, and how we aim to conduct our business on a daily basis.
Values express our exploration of the world as we create the future.

Our values are:
Commitment: Be accountable, work together as a team, and communicate clearly.
Innovation: Think outside the box, challenge constructively, and act before others do.
Community: Creating a positive work environment, and supporting ethical initiatives.
Excellence: Always deliver outstanding quality results, accomplish, and improve.
Respect and honesty: Respecting people by delivering realistic and meticulous reviews. We review everything about any brand as a team before recommending it.


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